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Unless you are certain that you have a valuable gem or piece of jewelry, we highly reccommend you start with a Photo Verification to save you time and money.



Far too often someon finds or inherits a gem or piece of jewelry that is quite valuable both sentimentally and monetarily. Of course, though very attractive, they are sometime worth very little monitarily.

At Art of Stone, Co, if after a Photo Determination is made that your Gem or Jewelry needs closer evaluation, we will credit the full price towards a Full, Written, Appraisal.



How can you tell just by a photo? First, here are some tips for taking the best photo possible. Second, with over 24yrs of experience we have seen almost everyting! Appraising a potentially expensive piece of Jewelry or gemstone certainly makes sense. Appraising a $10,20 or $50 piece of costume Jewlery, fake pearls, or cubic zerconium does not!

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