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Our Clients say it best!


Saving you time, money and a few grey hairs are just a few of the reasons to use Art of Stone, Co and Stacey. Of course, hearing us say it is one thing, hearing our clients say it is another story!

Jewelry Appraisal 


Babylon, NY



Great Neck, NY

"Stacey made appraisal experience easy and put my mind at ease.  She has a wealth of knowledge, is very patient and kind"



Brooklyn, NY

"My mom had a stone with a lab report and we weren't sure if this report was for the stone we had.  Stacey was able to tell us it was not a match, we found another stone my sister had and this is the certificate for that stone"

Gem Identification


Manhasset, NY

"When I lost the stone in my grandmother's ring I was devasted.  Stacey went shopping with me and advised me what to look for when purchasing the replacement Ruby.  I was very satisfied"

"Stacey knew right away that the pearls I purchased were saltwater and not freshwater which made me happy because that's what my wife wanted."

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